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Ignacia Orellana


Ignacia is a service designer at the Government Digital Service. She is currently working with the GOV.UK Design System team to design collaboration, support and assurance models for cross-government design patterns and components. Started as a graphic designer with background in design and advertising agencies, has a masters in service design and previously worked at Livework Studio.

Michelle Barker


Michelle is a front end developer with a passion for CSS and a background in design, illustration and events management. By day she builds UX-driven experiences for Ordoo, a mobile ordering startup. She is a prolific writer on her blog, CSS {In Real Life}, and has authored articles for several other publications, including CSS Tricks, Smashing Magazine and the Pastry Box Project, to name a few.

Michael Flarup


Michael is a Danish designer & entrepreneur. He runs entertainment studio Northplay, Pixelresort and design resource platform Apply Pixels. He’s got a treasure-trove of experience creating his own companies, leading teams of developers and designers and working on countless of succesful products, games and services.

Eleanor Haproff


Eleanor is a JavaScript Developer at the collaborative design platform Marvel App. She is an organiser of the AI JavaScript London Meetup, and a co-creator of which is a curated collection of ai-inspired JavaScript apps.

Cennydd Bowles


Cennydd Bowles is a London-based designer and author of Future Ethics. His thoughts on the ethics of emerging technology have been quoted in The Guardian, Ars Technica, The Daily Telegraph, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Forbes. As a designer and consultant, Cennydd has worked with companies including Twitter, Ford, Cisco, and the BBC, and is a frequent speaker at technology and design events worldwide.

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Rachel is a consultant and coach who works with people who are extraordinary. Her clients include those with neurodevelopmental disorders, mental illnesses, and people who just have too much on. She has transformed the lives of employees and entrepreneurs alike, by showing them how to use their condition to bring benefits to their lives and work, instead of just seeing it as an obstacle. An editor and web writer by trade, Rachel has worked on a vast range of projects, including a D&AD and Webby award winner, has appeared on TV and radio and in national and international press.

Phil Hawksworth


Phil is Head of Developer Relations at Netlify, the fastest growing automation and hosting platform for modern websites.

With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the Web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common.

Phil’s career in web development spans almost 20 years and includes time as a Software Engineer at Verisign, an Open Source Evangelist at British Telecom, and Technology Director at R/GA where he worked with clients around the world such as Nike, Google, Beats By Dre and Samsung to bring engaging and effective experiences to the widest audience possible.